Causes and treatments of skin pigmentation

Pigmentation or patches of dark skin on your body can appear due to various reasons.

Poor nutrition

A balanced diet is a solution to a great many skin problems. Most times, a proper balance of nutrients found in vegetables and fruits can help save thousands in curative treatments. So be sure to include green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits in your everyday diet. If you want, you can approach a skin clinic for advice on how you can treat your pigmentation.


Exposure to the sun is not always a bad thing – at the right times and in the right quantities, it can be quite beneficial. However, exposure to the sun is the most common cause of skin pigmentation, but this is also the most easily preventable cause. Just make sure that you use a good quality sunscreen and moisturizer before you leave your home.



Where a person doesn’t have skin pigmentation. Instead of dark patches of discolored skin, they end up with pale skin, pale hair and pale eyes.

Stages in women

In women, there are chances of pigmentation happening at specific times. For example, a woman may develop brown spots on her face during pregnancy. Or when approaching, or at menopausal age, a woman may face pigmentation. If the woman gets her uterus or ovaries removed, she may end up with higher levels of pigmentation. This is because of hormonal fluctuations that the body undergoes. These might just disappear or fade away with time.

Ill health

There are also pigmentations which are caused by ill health like jaundice or pneumonia. Jaundice causes bile to build up in your blood, thereby causing a discoloration on your skin. Pneumonia, though, affects the amount of oxygen in the blood, thereby causing a skin discoloration. This is not really seen as dark spots on the skin, so much as blue or purple patches of skin. These skin pigmentations may not all be curable. Some are temporary, some permanent and some can be reduced by treatment.


Skin Care products

A wide range of skin care products are available in the market that is clinically tested and approved. By using these creams and lotions, you get rid of the pigmentation issues and achieve a brighter and more radiant skin. All the products are made from quality all natural ingredients and antioxidants that help protect your skin giving you a toned appearance. If you intend to bleach your butt, check out http://analbleachingblueprint.com/vaginal-lightening-cream.


Laser Treatment

This is also considered as the best treatment that is conducted with the help of laser rays. The procedure requires multiple sessions to get an even complexion with best and long-lasting results. You will get the smooth and clearer skin utilizing advanced equipment and latest technologies.

Chemical Peel: This is where the upper layer of the skin is removed together with the discoloration. The treatment is done by the experts in a medical clinic to clean up the pores.

How to prevent Pigmentation?

The most effective prevention technique is to avoid sun damage.Use quality and clinically tested skin care creams and lotions. Avoid those products that irritate the skin.Use moisturizers for hydration and drink a lot of water.Visit a dermatologist frequently for check up.

But if you are unhappy with your physical appearance and suffering from the major surface issue, then you should consult a dermatologist. The physician will thoroughly exam the skin and advice you the best possible treatment at affordable prices. You can find a number of clinics offering pigmentation treatment having well qualified and experienced doctors. Schedule an appointment to discuss your problem and get optimal results.