Health benefits of a good relationship

One of the most important and healthy things that human beings should engage in is healthy and good relationships among themselves. In everyday life, we interact in almost every aspect of life; from our workplaces, families, institutions, churches, functions and many other areas. This means that it is not possible to escape from relating with other people. However, it is only good healthy relationships that lead to healthy lives. Those who engage in unhealthy relationships such as abusive marriages, poor communication with friends and also negative interactions among family members leads to stress, poor eating habits and unhealthy life in general.

Advantages of a good relationship

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Good relationships among friends, family members or even couples lead to reduced stress. When people share their experiences, they tend to comfort each other and bring happiness among themselves. Also, family get-together, a day out with friends and social activities bring happiness among and trigger stress relieving hormones. An individual who does not interact with people well tend to have more stress, and this might lead to poor functioning of coronary arteries, affect insulin regulation and also affect the overall immune system.

Healthy eating habits

It is the nature of human beings to learn from one another. When we interact well with each other, we learn good and healthy eating habits from our friends and health experts as well. Poor relationships lead to reduced appetite and hence affect the eating pattern. However, when we interact well and engage in good relationships, we tend to share meals even with our friends and even learn healthy eating habits from them.

Adequate sleep

Sleep is important for everybody. Getting enough sleep enables proper functioning of your body, healing of the heart and blood vessels. A person who is engaged in poor relationships with people tends to be stressed up which leads to not getting enough sleep. This would hence lead to heart attacks, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Reduce mental problems

When you interact well with people, issues of ansdlvmlsdmvlsdmvlsdmvlsdmvlsmdvlsmdvsdvsdvxiety, depression, psychological distress and mood disorders are limited. Real interactions result in happiness and satisfaction of the mind and heart. Stress is the major contributor to mental illness that therefore lead to suicide cases.

In conclusion, it is hence advisable to constantly interact well with people and always make an effort to forgive one another so as to escape from unhealthy styles of living.